Keeping It Fair Down Under

UK based Hannah Parris, CEO and founder of Mighty Good Undies, was working in governmental public policy when she became more and more aware of the negative impact fashion has on the world. From the cotton growing process, the production line garments are made on and where garments end up (usually a garbage heap), fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. Far from a frivolous past time for wealthy women, fashion holds a crucial key in solving many environmental and social problems. Parris’ growing interest in sustainable and ethical clothing birthed her first brand “Audrey Blue” – an ethical and eco-friendly line of clothing that has been fairtrade certified. But while the ethical fashion industry is on the rise, there are still many people who hesitate to buy garments based on the price. After all, why pay $200 for a dress when you can pay $40?

The solution was to create a range of underwear that would be still adhere to Parris’ values and be supportive of the environment and taking care of the manufacturers and producers of cotton, while also being competitively priced to show consumers and other businesses that fashion can be done ethically on a commercial scale. Then one year ago Parris met friend and Australian based Elena Antoniou, a PR and communications buff, and from there the idea took off. Antoniou’s expertise in PR and communications meant that the campaign for the underwear range could be fully developed to catch people’s attention. Cue the brand Mighty Good Undies.

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The crowdfunding campaign running right now is fundraising for the first order of underwear to be placed at Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills in India and to allow Parris to take the underwear range to be showcased at the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show. Attending the show and displaying the underwear to other industry members and potential buyers could give them the kickstart they need to begin placing larger orders and expanding the styles and colors they stock.

With just under two weeks remaining on Mighty Good Undies’ crowdfunding page and over 40% support for the venture already, many people are getting excited to jump on board and support great products that don’t do more harm than good. To be a part of this (and to grab yourself a pair of super comfy undies!) check out their crowdfunding page to pledge your support. You can also find Mighty Good Undies at their website here or on their instagram, twitter and facebook page.